Consumer Protection

The REALTORS® Association of York and Adams Counties offers three options to address consumer complaints. Any of these procedures may be initiated by contacting the RAYAC office at (717) 843-7891.

The Consumer Protection Committee

The function of the Consumer Protection Committee is to speak to members of the consuming public who have voiced a concern or complaint regarding their real estate transaction. A committee member will contact the consumer to discuss their dispute and will then inform them of the options available if they wish to pursue the matter further. There is no cost to the consumer for this service.

The Dispute Resolution System

The Dispute Resolution System is more commonly referred to as Mediation. The REALTORS® Association, in cooperation with selected members of the Bar Association, has established a Mediation program for buyers, sellers and others who have been involved in a real estate transaction. Skilled lawyers who are impartial mediators will meet with all parties to attempt to resolve any disputes. This procedure is a contractual obligation as stated in the Pennsylvania REALTOR's Association's sales contract. Any conclusions or results must be by the mutual agreement of all parties involved. Cost for this service is $175 per party. The Mediation Transmittal Form and the Mediation Rules and Procedures are needed to initiate the Mediation process.

Ethics Complaints

The Members of the REALTORS® Association of York & Adams Counties, Inc agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REATLORS®. In the code, REALTOR® members pledge to provide fair and ethical treatment to clients, customers, the public and other REALTORS®. The penalties for a member's violation of the Code of Ethics are disciplinary in nature and do not include monetary reimbursements to a buyer or seller. This procedure is designed to protect the integrity of the real estate profession. If found guilty, a REALTOR® member could be disciplined, fined or-in extreme cases-be expelled from the association. If you feel there is an alleged violation of the code, you may file an Ethics Complaint.

You will need to print the following items:

  1. General Instructions on the Ethics Complaint Process (Click Here)
  2. Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS (Click Here)
  3. Ethics Complaint Form (Click Here)

Please read all materials carefully. In filing an ethics complaint, the complainant must complete an Ethics Complaint Form and cite which article(s) of NAR's Code of Ethics have been violated and explain why they felt the articles were violated. Supporting documentation relating to the complainant's case i.e. contracts, settlement statement, etc. should also be included in your submission of the Ethics Complaint form.

Abitration of REALTOR business disputes (Click Here)

Type or print your complaint on the proper forms and return the package to:

Professional Standards Administrator
901 Smile Way
York, PA 17404

Upon receipt of your complaint, the Grievance Committee will review and determine if the complaint should be forwarded to a hearing in front of the Professional Standards Committee. Please be aware, if that occurs, your presence will be required at the hearing.

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