SentriLock Lockbox System Information

RAYAC uses Sentrilock lockboxes and keycards to provide the most secure system for sellers in York and Adams Counties. Please read Lockbox Rules and Regs updated 6-8-16.

Contact Sentrilock for any support issues, including defective keys and boxes, at 1-877-736-8745.

RAYAC staff support, contact Doug Clark at 717-843-7891 ext. 111 or .

Getting Access

Reciprocal Access

How to Get New Software on a Lockbox

One Day Codes

How to Convert a Non-RAYAC Lockbox to Work in York & Adams Counties

How to Use the SentriSmart Mobile App for Access

NEW! Agent Safety Feature on SentriSmart Mobile App

Sentrilock Products Sold at RAYAC

SentriCard Lease Authorization

Permission to Lease/Sublease Lockbox

Lockbox Approval and Hold Harmless Agreement

Emergency SentriCard Authorization Form

Lockbox Complaint and Fine Procedures

SentriLock On-line Training - RAYAC REALTOR Members

SentriLock On-line Training - RAYAC Affiliate Members and Non-Members (GHAR and LCAR)

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