Contact Information


Shanna Terroso

Executive Officer

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 106

As E.O., Shanna has responsibility for the overall operation of the Association and the staff. She reports directly to the governing Board of Directors. Shanna's specific responsibilities include serving as Director of our Real Estate School. Shanna is the association's chief strategist related to county, school district and local municipal regulations. She monitors proposted ordinances related to ownership or transfer of real estate in York & Adams Counties and provides legislative support for our state association. Shanna represents RAYAC in several community groups and serves as staff for the York Adams Regional Smart Growth Coalition. Shanna acts as the direct staff liaison with the following committees and assists in their projects/programs:

  • Budget/Finance

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Political Affairs/RPAC

  • Appraisal Forum

  • Commercial Industrial Forum


Stephanie Kennedy

Director of Professional Development

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 109

Stephanie is responsible for coordinating educational seminars. She assists the Director in administration of the Real Estate School. Stephanie also serves as the Professional Standards Administrator for RAYAC. In this capacity she manages the adjudication of Code of Ethics complaints and the arbitration of business disputes. She also coordinates Dispute Resolution System (mediation) cases. Stephanie serves liaison to the following committees:

  • Ethics Curriculum Committee

  • Professional Standards Committee

  • Grievance Committee

  • Consumer Protection Committee


Doug Clark

Business and Finance Director

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 111

Doug is responsible for the association's bookkeeping, billing, backup lockbox administration, as well as building/facilities managment duties. He serves as liaison to the following committees:

  • Budget/Finance Committee
  • Lockbox Committee

Rhonda Elliott

MLS Systems Manager

Phone: 717-843-2122 Ext. 102

Rhonda handles the day-to-day operations of the Multiple Listing Service, which includes operation and maintenance of all system software, interaction with various vendors, providing direct member support in Paragon as well as areas of policy, compliance, and rules & regulations of the Multiple Listing Service. Her committee responsibilities are:

  • MLS Committee


Lori Foltz

IT Coordinator/Lockbox Administrator

Phone: 717-843-2122 Ext. 103

Lori maintains the office computer network, serves as coordinator for all technology and computer matters, and is the web master for She serves as an administrator on the MLS, conducts all computer and MLS training classes, and assists with member support. Lori is the primarty administrator for the lockbox system. Lori works with the following committees:

  • MLS Committee
  • Lockbox Committee


Ann Marie Staub

Lead Secretary

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 111

One of the friendly faces that greets you in the RAYAC lobby is that of Ann Marie. Her responsibilities include performing secretarial duties for the entire staff as needed and assisting with forms issues. She also coordinates Dispute Resolution System (mediation) cases. Her committee liaison assignments are:

  • Consumer Protection Committee

  • Forms & Guidelines


Beth Izzo

Public Relations Director

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 110

Beth oversees all Association publications, including the monthly newsletter - RAYAC Connection and the e-newsletter RAYAC Connection Plus. She also provides direction for other public relations efforts, including press releases and other media interaction. She serves the following committees:

  • Community Relations Committee

  • Member Communications Committee


Marissa Bankert

Membership Services Director

Phone: 717-843-7891 Ext. 108

Marissa handles membership matters, including records and new member orientation. She coordinates RAYAC's proactive promotion of homeownership through various projects. She processes our YHAP applications and serves as RAYAC's representative to community housing groups. Her committee responsibilities are to:

  • The RAYAC Foundation

  • Program Social Committee

  • Bowl-a-thon Task Force

  • Golf Outing Task Force

  • Habitat for Humanity Task Force

  • City Living Task Force


Deb Kottmyer

Clerical Assistant

Phone: 717-843-7891

Deb works part-time(Tuesday mornings only) to assist other staff in clerical duties.


William Hast, Esq.

Board Solicitor, Stock & Leader

Phone: 717-846-9800



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