Work with a REALTOR

The following pages contain valuable information to assist you in understanding what is typically involved in buying or selling real estate. If you have a real estate question, please consult a professional REALTOR®.

Did You Know?

The typical home sale today involves more than 200 steps from the initial contract acceptance to the day of settlement. A REALTOR® can navigate you each step along the way.

Put a REALTOR® to Work for You

REALTORS® have the knowledge, dedication and resources to coordinate a smooth transaction. Plus, REALTORS® know current real estate laws and have all the necessary forms to keep you protected throughout the home buying or selling process.

Real Estate is Our Life

All real estate licensees are not the same. REALTORS® nationwide are required to abide by a strict Code of Ethics. REALTORS® in York & Adams Counties must also complete ethics training and continuing education every two years. Not many professionals can make that claim!

REALTORS® Serve the Community

REALTORS® also serve the community to make a positive impact on where we live and work through the RAYAC Foundation:

  • Sponsoring several events and fundraisers annually, specifically a bowlathon and golf outing

  • Contributing thousands of dollars and volunteer support each year to local housing organizations

  • Partnering long-term with Habitat for Humanity

  • Providing funds to areas affected by a natural disaster

Consumer Notice

Pennsylvania’s agency disclosure law aims to make consumers aware of the various types of real estate representation available to them. When consumers meet with REALTORS®, they will be presented with a Consumer Notice form. This form simply outlines the five types of agency representation and documents that the REALTOR® has advised you of your options. It is not a contract. When a consumer determines what type of representation they desire, another form is sign indicating permission for that relationship and duties owed to you under that relationship.

  • Seller Agency - in this relationship, the licensee works only for the seller, owing the seller client loyalty, confidentiality and a good faith effort to find a buyer for the property.

  • Buyer Agency - in this relationship, the licensee works only for the buyer, owing the buyer client loyalty, confidentiality and a good faith effort to find a property for the buyer.

  • Dual Agency - in this relationship, the licensee acts as the agent for both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction, with the consent of all parties. Real estate companies have buyer and seller clients; it is not always possible to predict when a buyer client will choose to buy a property from a seller client. While this may put the agent in the middle, it does assure that sellers have the greatest exposure for their properties and that buyers can make selections from the entire market. A dual agent must provide services fairly without promoting either party’s interests over the other.

  • Designated Agency - created for the in-house transaction where both buyer and seller are represented by individual agents in the same company. It allows the agent selected by the buyer to continue representing the buyer’s interest while the agent selected by the seller continues to represent the seller’s interests. This allows the consumers to retain the services they sought when choosing real estate agents to advocate for them.

  • Transaction Licensee - in this relationship, the licensee provides communication or document preparation services, or similar real estate related services without being an agent or advocate for either the seller or the buyer. A transaction licensee could not disclose the fact that the seller will accept a price less than the asking price, or any other information deemed confidential by the consumer.

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